About Me

Crazy, overweight, butch, lesbian from Southern California
Age: 28
Stereotypically, has 2 cats and a wife
Living comfortably in a one bedroom apartment that costs as much, if not more, than most of your mortgages.
Atheist or possibly just fed up with religious arguments that prove nothing

I suppose this blog will be kind of like a virtual diary for me. I like updating with pictures of what I'm doing, writing about experiences and just trying to make people laugh at life. Through the years, I have attempted to get myself a blog going but there are times that it gets really hard to keep up with posting. I'm a SoCal transplant from Tennessee, I have grown accustomed to the California life and I absolutely love everything about it. If you happen to stumble upon my blog, tell me what you think, leave comments and just enjoy life. Please make sure to read the disclaimer.